Below are a few cars I've owned over the years. Some were projects of Biblical proportions. Others, just for fun.

Current ride: 2012 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible, 6-speed, 430 hp.

Previous ride: 2008Corvette  Convertible

6-speed, 430 hp.

Pre-Corvette ride: 2008 BMW M3 convertible cabriolet.

420 hp, 5 speed. Sweet.

I bought this 2003 Silverado LS new way back in '03. It's been my faithful, daily driver for almost 15 years now. Just a little over 120K miles, and still going strong. It's got the factory towing package and I've towed boats, cars, and U-hauls with it and taken good care with regular maintenance, and Amsoil synthetics. A few years ago, I put the 2014 Tahoe 20" OEM rims with Goodyears on, took off all the body cladding and stripes and replaced all of the lights and housings.