Current ride: 2016 Z06 3LZ convertible. Had under 15K miles when I traded the Grand Sport for it on 01/09/2020.

650 hp and 650 torque!

Amazing how tech has advance in just a few years. This car is what… 6 years old and it’s like flying a space ship, what with all the electronic features and displays.

Daily Driver: 2003 Silverado LS. Bought her new and she’s never let me down. Leather, towing pkg with heavy duty suspension. Had it repainted original colors after a minor fender bender. I replaced all of the light housings, took of all the badges and side cladding and added some GM OEM 20” Tahoe rims. Then some bed rails, and painted the calipers “Chevy” gold.

Love this truck!


2012 Grand Sport 3LT convertible. 430hp, close-ratio 6 speed, magnetic ride control, Bose sound, nav system. Fun to drive. Only had 5K miles when I bought it in 2016. Still smelled new. Traded for the 2016 Z06 above January 2020.

2008 BMW M3


1971 454 CORVETTE

I love real cars too. I suppose it comes from having to drive Mom's '63 Dodge station wagon to high school, when most of my friends had

Chevelles, Camaros, 442s, GTOs, or Mustangs.

I did what I could. Got a summer job in a body shop, where they let me work on it on weekends. I painted it blue, added some rims and a glass pack muffler. The seats folded down, so I was very popular for double dates to the drive-ins on Friday nights. Funny, but I don’ t remember any of the movies. These old wagons are collector cars today. In 1969, who knew?